Bella & Ayva {Tacoma teen photography}

Tacoma Teen Photography Session at Owen Beach

Bella and Ayva are cousins, who really seem more like sisters. They have always been so close and I loved being able to capture their bond in this Tacoma teen photography session.

I first met Bella and Ayva back when I taught at Bryant Montessori in Tacoma. Bella was in 5th grade and Ayva was just a little tiny preschooler whom Bella toted around the school. I remember her hot pink cowboy boots and that she was too shy to talk to me. Fast forward a few years and Ayva was in my class. I was lucky enough to have her in my room for two years (Montessori classes are multi-age with 3 grades in one room). She was such a joy to have in class. Bella has always been outgoing and all around fun to be around. I never had the privileged to have her in my own classroom, but was an assistant teacher in room one year (or maybe two?).

I knew I would miss both girls as I transitioned out of the classroom and moved down to Portland. That made it all the better to be able to photograph them this past spring up in Tacoma. I hadn't seen either of them since I stopped working at Bryant and it was definitely a bit of a shocker to see how much they had grown! Bella is now finishing up her Junior year at SAMI(such a cool school! Tacoma has some great non-traditional school options) and Ayva is in middle school. Nothing makes me feel older than watching former students become young adults. It was great getting to see them and hang out while we had fun playing around at Owen Beach in Tacoma.

Thanks for spending your afternoon with me, Bella and Ayva! You two are the greatest.