Sully at 3 {Portland Family Photographer}

Portland Family Photographer, In Home Storytelling Session

The story of Sully's day as a 3 year old.

This right here, this is the good stuff.

When I arrived, Sully was just finishing up in the bath. I then got hang out with him- while he helped his mom clean, explore outside, have delicious homemade Eggs Benedict (thanks T!), get dressed, open a birthday present, water plants in the greenhouse, find a snake (ew), make wishes on dandelion poofs, run around in tall grass... you know, all the important stuff. The stuff that makes life good when you are three.

I love being able to photograph a session like this, where I get to hang out, observe, and capture real life.

Let me capture your family.

At home.

As you are.

Telling the story of you.

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Lacey, your Portland Family Photographer

Oh, and did I mention they I got to drive by this on the way to their house? Oregon is great.