Sullisaur {Portland, Oregon, Children & Family Photographer}

This little dude is somehow already 17 months old... and running. Everywhere. It had been a few months since I had seen Sully and I was pleasantly surprised with how much he was into hanging out with me on the day of the shoot. I think I carried him around far more on this sunny October day than I ever did when he was a wee tiny bebe. Back then, when I held him, he would just start crying until I gave him back to his mom. Now he is so very much not a baby and so very much an active toddler. Once Judah chooses to actually consistently walk, these two boys are going to have such fun together. Running around. Eating dirt. Chasing the dogs. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Anyway, here's the Sullisaur himself (who looks so very much like his Grandpa Jack).