Shoshana on Film {Portland, Oregon, film photographer}


I shot film for the first time since college the other week... and loved it! I definitely look forward to using it more. During college I was exclusively a film photographer. After college, I got my first DSLR and just kind of fell out of the habit of using film. During my many post-college moves my old pentax ended up getting stored at my parents' house and forgotten. Eventually, I realized I wanted it back, but for the life of me had no idea where it was. It actually was just found last week in a box at my parents'. Yay!  I had the lenses checked and cleaned and sent the body off to be fixed up. I look forward to getting it back and playing around with it this summer.

I also bought a Canon EOS 3 a few months ago (that way I can still use all my current lenses on a film body). Since I got this camera body off of ebay, I wanted to run a test roll or two through it to see what was what and make sure everything was functioning as it should. I'm glad to report that it works! Yay! Although, I definitely need to calibrate the crazy eye-control focusing system so that it works better with my eye.

These images were all taken on my Canon EOS 3, with my 50 1.2, and on Ilford 400. They were developed and printed at Blue Moon Camera in St Johns. I didn't get any scans since this was a test roll and I had no idea if they would come out or not. So what you see here are just flatbed scans I did myself of the actual prints. Blue Moon prints b&w on color photo paper, which is what gives them the warm tone.