Shoshana at 8 months {Milwaukie Photographer}


I have kept two blogs for a while now, one for my photography and a personal one that I first started not long after we bought our first house up in Tacoma, but now I'm joining the two. When I started my personal blog I didn't have kids and I intended it to be all about us fixing up our old house and little diy projects, but then kids happened. They pretty much took over our lives... and my blog. So here is Shoshana at 8 months by me, her mom, a Milwaukie photographer.

I have been going back and forth a lot about sharing my personal work, but since my focus is on family photography it really does make sense to share them here. Right? Right. After all, once I post my monthly entries I always think about how I should really share some of the photos on this blog, but then I don't... But if I just publish the photos here in the first place that really solves that problem nicely, now doesn't it? haha

As this is Shoshana's 8 month post, I have now surpassed the monthly documenting I did for Judah. I wish I had kept up with his, but it is what it is. You can 'like' my photography page on Facebook to get notifications about when I blog. Note- as fb is constantly changing its freaking algorithms, make sure you interact with my page regularly (like things/comment) if you want the notifications to actually appear in your feed.

Shoshana turned 8 months on March 13, 2014. Here are her adventures the month leading up to that day.

Shosh finally learned to like food this month. There was a decisive turning point for her. One food which was the key to unlocking the joy of eating. Perhaps a banana? Or avocado? Maybe even some mushy peas? Nope. For Shosh, our special baby girl, the magic food was without a doubt pizza crust. We let her gnaw on our crust one night when we had pizza at home and it was through this joyous experience that she became willing and (dare I say it?) even eager to try eating real foods.

She still is not crawling, which is 100% A-okay with me. Immobile babies are much easier to keep watch over. Judah didn't really start crawling until 9 months and walking until 16 months. I will not mind one little bit if Shosh follows the same path.

However, this month she has started the sitting but wiggle. She is trying to move, but it is pretty ineffective (albeit adorable). She sits straight up and then wiggles her bum back and forth. The only place this actually gets her somewhere is in the tub, where the lack of traction means her butt wiggles actually do scoot her all around the tub.

Shoshana's current favorite game is the Empty All The Toys Out Of The Box Game. She is really quite good at it as you can see from this months' photos. We just fill up a canvas box with baby toys, set it down in front of her and let her at it. She tips the box toward her and starts pulling. Every now and then she takes a break from the pulling to chew on a toy, but then right back to emptying the box. The last thing she pulls out is the bottom piece that gives the box its shape. Then she gets to smush the box. She thinks it is pretty much the best game ever and I am prone to agree. Bonus is that it entertains her for a good 10-15 minutes.

This month we took a family outing to the Portland Children's Museum and afterwards stopped by Escape from New York Pizza (which just happens to be the BEST pizza in Portland). Bill, Judah, and I each got our own piece (and yes, Judah did eat all of his, even though it was bigger than his face) and Shosh got to gnaw on the crusts. Well, she happens to be a slower eater than the rest of us, pretty sure that having no teeth might have something to do with that. So, by the time the rest of us had finished she was still happily munching away.

I needed to go stop by Lush to pick up some birthday presents for some friends (and just maybe some treats for myself and the kids too). I strapped Shosh into the beco and off we went. During this time she held on tight to her pizza crust, but couldn't chew on it because the straps of the carrier prevented her from being able to reach her mouth.

When we got back to the car, I accidentally knocked the pizza crust out of her hand while getting her out of the carrier. The wailing and the tears started IMMEDIATELY. She was inconsolable. There was no way I was going to give it back to her, it fell into the dirt around the base of a tree on a Portland sidewalk. Plus, I wasn't going to let her eat while we drove anyway. She was so pissed. She held on to her pizza all that time only to lose it. So sad. So very sad.

She eventually fell asleep on the car ride home, but even then she was still holding her imaginary pizza crust up with one hand. Girl loves her pizza.

We were actively trying to get Shosh to sleep for longer stretches at night. Willie would go in to her the first time or two she woke up. This definitely helped her get back on track. By the time she hit 8 months she was only getting up 3 times a night and only being up for 10-15 minutes (which was loads better than the month before). We needed to get her to sleep better at night for my own sanity and in preparation for her stay with both sets of grandparents at the end of March, when Bill and I went up to Tacoma for a long weekend to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary.

In the same vein, we also worked on getting her back on a 2 nap a day schedule. She takes her first nap in the morning about 2 hours or so after she wakes up. Then her afternoon nap happens around 1:30 or 2. Sometimes I have to wake her up from her morning nap to go pick up Judah from preschool. That's the worst. I hate waking up a sleeping baby. Especially when she has had a tough time getting to sleep and only ends up napping for thirty minutes or so before I have to go get her.

Shoshana accomplished her very first backward push/crawl on her eight month birthday! It was during our morning photo session when I put her in her diaper on the hardwood that she figured out that she could move (backwards at least). Next up: getting her back half stuck under couches and cribs. Backwards crawling is so funny (for us) and frustrating (for her).