Portraits on the Oregon Coast

The easiest way to be creative:

Try something different, even if you don't think it will work.

Tanner Christensen

Last month I escaped to the Oregon Coast (Rockaway Beach, to be specific) for our annual photography retreat for a women's photography collective I am a part of here in Portland. As part of the retreat we set up for some group shooting opportunities. I had never actually taken part in a group shoot before and found the process very interesting. I felt the need to try and push myself, so that I would not end up with the exact same photos as my group mates.

And, what do you know? My favorite images from the retreat ended up being the ones where I challenged myself creatively.

It can be so rewarding to get out and shoot just for fun. No expectations. No clients expectations. Just creating for the sake of it and enjoying the process. I only brought one camera body (5dmii) and one lens (50 1.2). By limiting my gear, I was again pushing myself to make the most out of what I had. I would have liked to do some freelensing, but the wind was whipping up the sand and I am most definitely not down with that.

Flowers by Alli of Bramble Floral Design.

All images were edited in LR using Mastin Labs (b&w is Ilford PanF and color is Portra 400- all with medium format grain).