Latourell Falls {Columbia Gorge family photographer}


These photos are from a family hike we took in February to Latourell Falls. We actually weren't able to complete the whole hike for two reasons:

1) It was Shosh's first hike and she was NOT having it.

2) Turns out the path was iced over and pretty dangerous in areas (this was just a few days before our big snow storm).

I love the Gorge. Even though I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life I am still left in awe every time. The Gorge makes a uniquely beautiful background for family photos. There is no other place quite like it.


Lacey Monroe, your Columbia Gorge family photographer

*a note on blogging*

I have found that there are two main roadblocks that come between me and blogging:

1) writers block

2) deciding which photos to share

In an effort to blog more often I am going to try to come to peace with these two things. To deal with number one I am just going to give myself permission to write less. A sentence or two is fine. It is better to post more often with less words than post infrequently but with heartfelt well thought out paragraphs. Hopefully you will agree.

To deal with my second obstacle I am going to post less photos. I tend to want to to create BIG posts with LOTS and LOTS of photos telling the whole story of the session or the event, but then I end up spending too much time waffling on which images to include. Instead I am just going to choose those that really speak to me and go with it. Also, I will create more like this post: short, sweet, and only containing a few images at most.