Judah's Haircut | Portland Documentary Family Photographer


This dude got a haircut tonight.

We have been discussing it for weeks now. The choice was his- either he could brush the hair out of his eyes (in to an adorable side swoop) or he would have to have a haircut. This evening at dinner he made up his mind, he wanted a haircut. Of course this came after slicking his bangs straight down over his brow (done so utilizing the grease on his hands from eating spaghetti & meatballs- which is quite visible all over his cheeks and chin in the images). In the past I have just given him trims with scissors, but I finally bought clippers not too long ago (for my husband to use on his beard), so we decided to give them a whirl. This is the shortest his hair has ever been (other than when he was a newborn). I was really digging the halfway done hair, but even though it looked super awesome it totally negated the point of the cut- which was to get it out of his eyes. Ah well, he is always cute... and now with his short hair he resembles his dad as a little one way more than he used to with his shag. Plus, I won't have to give him another haircut for at least 6 months.

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