Homemade Valentines {Milwaukie Family Photographer}

milwaukie family photographer, homemade valentines

My son made homemade valentines for his class party tomorrow. Of course, he had some help from me. I cut out the heart shapes and addressed them, but he did the rest. He picked out the which paper to use, drew on them with highlighters, and stuck on the smaller heart cut-outs. I cut the smaller hearts out of card-stock with an adhesive back, which is so handy for projects like this. We didn't have to deal with the mess of glue and they were easy for him to apply on his own (after I took off the backing). He is definitely excited to bring them to his preschool party. Although, now I'm kind of wishing I would of had the forethought to have him make valentines for his sister, dad, and me. Oops. Even though he had fun making them, I'm doubtful I can convince him to make more at the moment. After all, two and half year olds have a somewhat limited attention span.

I love to capture little moments like this. This is real life and isn't it great? I will always have these photographs to remember the first time he made Valentines. It's just a little thing, but so worth remembering. I love when sessions include activities that are meaningful to you and your family. It can be a crafty project like making cards, reading a favorite book, playing with a treasured toy, or even making Sunday brunch. Whatever is special to your family is special to me too and deserves to be preserved in photos for you to always look back on and smile.

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