Halloween 2014


Happy Halloween from my crew to yours!

This year Shosh was able to toddle from door to door and it was pretty adorable. It took Shoshana a couple of houses to really figure out that it made more sense to store the candy in her little kitty bag instead of insisting on holding it in her little fists. She got really confused at one house because the lady wanted to help her by putting the candy in her bag for her, but Shosh was pretty sure she was getting cheated out of her treat and kept reaching back to the bowl.

Judah had originally planned on being a zebra this year, but at the last second decided to wear his dinosaur costume from last year... and then when I wanted to take their photo all dressed up he decided what he REALLY wanted to be was a witch dinosaur.

Shosh was a puppy... which surprised us since every time we tried the costume on before Halloween she threw a lay-down-red-faced-bawling tantrum. So you can imagine my surprise when I got her costume out the day of and asked her if she wanted to wear it and she nodded yes (she is VERY into answering yes or no questions these days) and then she pretty much didn't want to take it off all day. Kids are strange (and wonderful).

Now that Halloween is over, comes the constant whining from a certain 3 year old that he WANTS CANDY!