Eric, Emily, & Elena {Beaverton, Oregon, Newborn and Family Photographer}


Happy Mother's Day (weekend) to all the moms out there, especially to Emily, the new mom shown here!

I was thrilled to get to meet (and hold) sweet little baby Elena when she was just 10 days old. So cute and tiny. She weighed just 5lbs when born and was slightly less than that when I got to shoot her. She has put on the pounds since then. It is amazing how quickly newborns change, she was already so much bigger and more alert when I saw her a second time a few weeks after this to deliver her photos. I'm sure she will have changed even more when I get to see her next!

I'm so happy for Eric and Emily. It is so nice to watch them interact with their precious baby girl and be able to capture the love between this sweet little family. Congrats, you two!

A note on photographing newborns: the first two weeks are the prime time to get newborn photos done. During that time they are still so new and sleepy that they will let you pose them and just keep snoozing through it. Plus, within that time frame they still have that new-new-new look to them. If you are planning on getting newborn photos, make sure you book your session in advance so you can get photos in that 2 week window.