Day in the Life with the Roa Family, Seattle Area Documentary Photographer

There were thousands and thousands of forms of joy in the world, but that all were essentially one and the same, namely, the joy of being able to love.

Michael Ende

One whole day.

It was a day like any other, nothing special or out of the ordinary (expect for the fact that I was there with them); for Erika and Gus this day was like many of the days they spent together while Nick was off on a submarine for a 4+ month deployment. It was the longest time that Gus had ever been away from his dad and that Erika had been away from her high-school sweetheart since they begore they got married. In the grand scheme of things this 4 months is not that long, but when you are in the midst of it, it sure can seem otherwise. Now Nick is home and late next autumn they will be welcoming their second child into the world. Never again will it be just Gus and his mommy. The months spent exclusively together have come to a close, but this day will live on as a reminder of the many that they spent together.

Just the two of them. 

Mother & Son.

Erika & Gus. 

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