Christmas with my family, Part Two


This was the very first time we have not traveled on Christmas and, boy, was it nice! Of course, that also meant that I was in charge of cooking Christmas dinner, which was another first, but I pulled it off and no one got sick. I count that as a success in my book!

Thanks to Judah being absolutely exhausted from Christmas Eve fun, our morning started at 7:30 when Judah came in to our room (which is much nicer than a 5am start!). When we came in to the living room he was so excited he ran around, then hopped all over, and finally just stood looking in awe at what Santa brought. We told him he had to wait until his sister got up to open presents. Instead, he polished off the cookie bits Santa left behind while listening to Willie read Santa's letter to him.

Shosh woke up a little after 8 and we had breakfast and opened presents. Santa stuffed the stockings full of snacks (I'm pretty sure the yogurt covered raisins were Shosh's favorite gift). Other than snacks, Santa brings each kid 4 gifts: something they want, something they need, something to read, and something to wear.

After playing and snacking, Shosh went down for a nap. Willie also thought a nap sounded like a good idea, so he went to bed. I stayed with Judah, but put on some cartoons and I ended up taking a nap on the couch too! Ah, the joys of staying home on Christmas! Nap time for everyone! Another bonus was we got to stay in our jammies all day.

In the afternoon my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece all came over. It was a madhouse of present opening and general craziness for a bit. Adding to the crazy was our dog Ralph and my brother's dog Teddy. It was fun having them all here. And it was definitely less stressful being in charge of dinner than it has been in the past schlepping the kids from place to place... especially since other people handled the clean up from dinner (Thanks, Willie & Pei Shan!).

Hope you all had a great Christmas surrounded by loved ones!