Black and White Baby Photos

black and white baby photos in Tacoma, Washington

Of all things love is the most potent.

― Maria Montessori

Remember baby Scarlett's sneak peak? Well, now here is her regular post... with a twist. Have you seen the 5 day black and white challenge that has been making the rounds on social media? I decided to go a bit of different route and do an all black and white baby photos blog post!

The majority of images I deliver to clients are in color. I would say usually it is somewhere between 10-20% of the final images that are in black and white. Even so, inevitably some of the black and white images end up being some of my favorites. I will admit it is a bit hard not posting some color ones here (because of course, some of my favorites from this session were in color!), but it is nice to see nothing but black and white baby photos all together.