52 weeks of Sham of the Perfect

As I mentioned in my 2015 recap, I completed a 52 week project by taking part in Sham of the Perfect. I definitely only had my organization on lock half way through the year, so I just spent the better part of the evening combing through my back catalogs to retrieve the first 6 months' worth of weekly photos and I'm not even mad about it. Once I hit my flow it didn't take very long finding each individual image, what really took up time was just the looking at the old photos- it's amazing how much little people grow and change in a year! Especially my Shosh- she went from a little diaper butt toddler with a pixie cut (well, not a "cut" since it just grew that way verrrry slowly) who barely talked to the little girl she is now with curls and very definite opinions and always talking and singing and dancing and being generally cute as hell. She's just So. Much. Bigger. Of course, Judah is bigger too. He keeps on stretching out and out and out. His baby fat is pretty much completely gone at this point. In fact, I'm pretty sure he just had ANOTHER growth spurt because suddenly his 4t pants are all high waters. I am in disbelief that this is the year he will start kindergarten! ...but on the other hand I can totally see it, because his learning in non-stop. I guess the part I can't believe is that I will be the mother of a kindergartner.

Welp, here is it- all 52 weeks of 2015 (with a few bonus images as I took part in a  monthly theme challenge a handful of times...):

Phew! What a year! And we are back at it again for 2016. You can (and should) follow along on Sham of the Perfect's website, facebook, and instagram.

I'm not the only one to compile all 52 weeks! 
Check out these by my fellow photographers from our Sham of the Perfect crew:

Gemma Robillard

Michelle McDaid

Robin Stephenson

Heather Bowser

Celina Bailey

Chrystal Cienfuegos 

Vicki Hull

Natasha Kelly

Elisa Elliot

Erika Roa

Jessica Uhler

Jodie Byrne 

I'll try to keep updating the list as more compilation posts are published!