Five on Five: September

Hey-o! I'm trying out my first ever blog circle this month. 

You may be asking yourself, "what the hell is a blog cirlce?"  Well, it is when a group of bloggers all post on the same day and each persons links to one other person's blog, so that if you follow the links they will hit each member's post. If you click all the way through you will eventually wind up back at the blog post with which you originally started. 

Our blog circle is made up of photographers who are using documentary style photography to tell a story in 5 images each month (on the 5th... hence, five on five). My (crazy talented) friend down under,  Natasha Kelly, introduced me to the group. I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of the crew and seeing their posts each month. This month I am linking to Natasha, so after you take a look at my kids fawning all over their baby cousin go see what she has documented this month (the link is also at the bottom of the post so you can click after you scroll down).

Here's that link to Natasha's post again. Go check it out! See if the circle works and if you can successfully make it right back here with enough clicks.