Five on Five: November... but, really, HALLOWEEN

This month's 5 on 5 is all about Halloween. 

Our Halloween this year was far from ideal. I was sick (and whiny and miserable) leading up to Saturday. I had a nasty headache pretty much all week, which turned into a migraine (my first ever! booo) on Wednesday night and then Thursday night I came down with a fever to boot. So much lameness. We shipped the kids off the my parents' for Friday night so I could rest and Willie could get a break from taking care of all of us. 

On Saturday (Halloween) my fever broke, but I definitely wasn't feeling 100%. Will went and picked up the kids that afternoon and when they got home Shosh was definitely whinier and clingier than usual (but we just chalked it up to being tired from her sleep over). Nope! Turned out she was in the first stages of the flu I had! Sorry, little baby! 

It was also stupid rainy on Saturday (like urban canoeing, flooded max rainy). I'm a native Oregonian and grew up with my fair share of wet Halloween's. Hell, any true Oregonian knows that no Halloween costume is complete without a raincoat on top. But, I think this year really took the cake!  So we did something that I find completely foreign: took the kids trick-or-treating at our local shopping center. I grew up out in the country near some small towns, so this was definitely not a thing for me as a kid. Maybe it was common for city kids? I don't know. My first experience with trick-or-treating at businesses was when I was studying abroad in Italy during college. The kids there all did their trick out treating at stores, as pretty much everyone in the city lives in apartment buildings which makes it pretty much impossible to do door-to-door style trick-or-treating. Anyway, we took them trick-or-treating undercover and they were happy (fuck if they care, they just are pumped to get candy).

Going into it, I was really hopeful that we would get lots of trick-or-treaters this year because Halloween fell on a Saturday meaning more kids could be out later/longer. But, with the nasty weather that was a no go. It was actually a record breaker for how FEW trick-or-treaters we got. I think the grand tally was 4 (or maybe only 3?). On top of the rain, our neighborhood is not very friendly to our little ghosts and goblins. We are on a hill and the lots are bit more spread out then the neighboring streets AND freaking NONE of our neighbors had their lights on :( So, yeah, I'm pretty sure kiddos just skipped over our street all together, which is too bad since handing out candy is Judah's (and my) favorite part. Next year we need to figure out which of our friend's have a prime house location for trick-or-treaters and invite ourselves over for the night. Consider yourself warned, friends!

Okay. Enough with the (somewhat bitchy/whiny) rambling and on with the photos! Oh, and this month I am linking to Maryrose, so hit her blog up to see what she has in store follow the whole blog circle on around (I'll include her link again at the bottom of the post).

Again, here is that link to Maryrose.