Ordinary Moments

This guy. I'm not really sure when he got so big on me. I think he snuck it in while he was sleeping. 

I've joined up with another group of photographers for a monthly blog post. We are focused on documenting the ordinary moments of our lives. This month I chose to focus on this dude's hilarious approach to catching a frisbee (although he uses the same approach for anything tossed his way). I know this stage won't last long, so I wanted to make sure to document it while it lasted. One day soon he will be even bigger and will keep his eyes open, but for now I will continue to get good laugh as he learns the finer points of catch.

You can check out what the other photographers' documented this month using the links at the bottom of the post.

Ordinary Moments is a creative project by a group of female photographers from around the world. Through our monthly posts we will be sharing our everyday moments with the world, with the aim to showcase documentary family photography and inspire families to look beyond the fixed smiles.

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